Birthday Month Giveaway!

August 1st, 2014 by Andreanna

Since it is both mine and Izzy’s birthday I am doing a giveaway. Lucky for you I am turning 35 so I am giving away $35 to spend at Glamasaurus!

All you have to do to enter is post a comment on what you like to do on your birthday. For me I usually am so tired because Izzy’s is the day before that I just become one with the couch.

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Good luck everyone!

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Summer Giveaway because I want to!

June 6th, 2014 by Andreanna

Since it’s summer and I survived the dentist and just have been having kinda a pooptastic day I have decided to have a giveaway. So enter and share and love and eat ice cream and do a little dance!

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My trip to the dentist.

June 6th, 2014 by Andreanna

Yesterday I went to the dentist. Since moving outside of the US my teeth aren’t very happy because of no fluoride in the water. This has happened to many of my expat friends. Before I moved my teeth never had issues and I never had a terrible time at the dentist. Since I have been in Switzerland I have had dentists who think that my mouth is a waterpark and attempt to drown me. Dentists who yelled at me because the root of my tooth was crooked. He didn’t want to hear that I had braces to fix my snaggletooth! Lastly a dentist who pulled out my molar and left in my wisdom tooth because she thought it was a good idea. Another fun fact about this is these dentists would remove my teeth and even if it was a hard extraction with lots of drilling and and shifting and pulling, send me home with only 2 painkillers. Suffice it to say dentists scare me now.

Yesterday I had an exceptionally nervous stomach so all I had was my morning coffee because I really didn’t want a caffeine headache to go with my up and coming mouthache. I went to my appointment at 11 and sat in the waiting room….and sat…and sat some more. It was only 15 minutes but as each moment ticked by I found myself more and more nervous. I finally enter the room and meet the doctor who reminded me of one of my first camp counselor. (Yes I do remember that far back.)

So I’m leaned back and getting all my shots which never really bothered me. The only problem is my mouth seems to be wired all sorts of crazy. The entire side of the tooth was numb but when she would try to grip it I would feel it. So I had to have my entire mouth numbed.

Honestly this was the least scary trip to the dentist. Her drill wasn’t so loud it felt like it was boring a hole into my skull. The hygenist didn’t try to drown me. It did take about 45 minutes but it didn’t feel that long which was pretty impressive.

So we are all done and she’s telling me everything is fine and I need to come back next week. She sends me home with a care list, gauze, a cold pack, and 16 painkillers. Finally a dentist who gets it! Not that I am desperate for painkillers but my pain does last longer than a day.

Finally a dentist that gets it!

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Your head deserves some cluster hair wear!

June 4th, 2014 by Andreanna
woodland wedding barrette

This woodland wedding barrette is a definite statement piece.

Long time no write. Honestly I am terrible blogger. My writing is probably on the same level as a 7 year old. I just never know what to write so I forget and then I feel guilty I know blogging about my newest creations is probably a good way to drum up interest so here I am showing off my newest glam!

I have been focusing on lots of new hair things!  Statement barrettes, headbands, and clips for everyday and expanding into weddings. I love knowing someone has chosen to wear my product on their special day so I am catering more and more to them.

Some of my new cluster headbands!

Some of my new cluster headbands!


So let me know what you think in the comments!

Cluster hair clips starting at just $8 each

Cluster hair clips starting at just $8 each


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Gaming Mom: The Wolf Among Us

October 31st, 2013 by Andreanna


So I love gaming. Almost every night after Izzy is in bed I will start playing a video game. We even play appropriate games together but this is a mommy only game.

I downloaded the demo to try it out and then purchased the entire game and season.

The story revolves around Bigby Wolf, the big bad wolf, who is a Sheriff of Fabletown or other storytale characters in New York.

Initially I thought the character was a werewolf from the main ad photos since the world seems to be vampire, zombied out, and I was not familiar with the original comic.

I’ve played through it on both mine and my husband’s accounts so I can see the different choices in action.

So if you are loking for a fantastic game with an engaging story you should defintely try it.

Currently playing:

  • Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom
  • Disney Universe (with Izzy)
  • Castlevania: LOS – Mirror of Fate
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