Crafty Resolutions

January 10th, 2008 by Andreanna

I do solemnly sweat to clean up my craft area this year.  I really want to but then I get distracted. My brain never stops working.

I just was distracted while writing this post and now a few hours later I am  back to it. I hope to unearth my craft table and better organize my supplies so more than just me can figure out where everything is. I went whack a do with supplies and have enough to probably craft all year. Being the glutton that I am though I just want more. I collect supplies! Destash NEVER!  I like a crafting squirrel will horde the supplies I have gathered.  For example a freind of mine sent me 2 blocks of eraser clay about 2 years ago. This year I found them in my clay box and made erasers with them that were a huge hit. I keep things until I  find a use for them. I know it is crazy but I am a person who when they do get rid of things will think man I wish I still had that because I could make this and this and that with it.

I guess I am just a silly one but my hording with never change. HA!

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2 Responses

  1. Carolina

    Hahahaha I understand you so well! My house is invaded by supplies too – and my husband is even worse than me! We should make some “destash NEVER” pins or something to wear proudly!

  2. andreanna

    I know when people destash I am like woo I could use that. My husband has tons of computer parts. He used to have this huge box of all types of cords and wire many were for the same thing.

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