Giusy of Le Coccole di Giusypatch

June 4th, 2008 by Andreanna

Giusy makes adorable bags that are fun and playful. She uses such wonderful color combos and shapes you are sure to find a bag to meet all your needs. Now for the questions:

What…is your name?
My first name is Giusy that’s the short name of Giuseppina or Josephine, (do you know about Jos√©phine de Beauharnais, that was the first wife of Napoleone Bonaparte and thus the first Empress of the French. :) I like to related my name with this woman, not for delusions of grandeur, but because in Italian, Josephine, is not considered a cute name, it not playing well as French, but from when I was a child I liked it because Josephine Bonaparte was a great woman.
I currently own “Le Coccole di Giusypatch” that is a one woman business started last year from me, Giusypatch that is my nickname since 1997, when I started to make quilts and patchwork.

What…do you make?
I love everything that is related with fabric and embroidery. At the moment I love to create bags, purses, wallet and fabric accessories, and I also designed a cross stitch pattern line.

What… is your favorite color?
It depends. I love bright colors, and I really love Dark Red, that it was my Grandma’s favorite color. I was very linked to her, and now that she doesn’t here, from time to time I like to dress something that has dark red, and I feels like my grandma is near me again.

What… is the air-speed velocity of an unladen swallow? (Ok you really don’t have to answer this one.
:))) Unladen swallow what?! :))

What … is your main influence?
I take inspiration mainly from fabric designers and from what a particular fabric and texture can give me; As a good Italian, I like to combine fashion with practicality. For example my bags are designed both to be carried in the evening that at the day, not just sporty, but not too much elegant.

Where… is your shop?
As I’m a little Independent Artist and as I can’t afford a brick’s shop in my country, I have a little studio in my house and you can find my creation at Dawanda ( and Etsy ( .
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