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December 1st, 2008 by Andreanna

So I am having the most awesome contest ever. The first place will win…*drumroll* a custom collage necklace or you can choose one in either shop.

How do you enter? Well there are many ways!

  1. You will receive 5 entries if you pin my dawanda or heart my etsy shop
  2. If you make a purchase you will get 10 entries.
  3. Lastly if you go to either shop and tell me your favorite item you get one entry.
  4. A new one if you blog about me you will get 10 entries!

You can enter as many times as you like. This contest is going to last all month and on New Years I will pick the winner. So you can start your year out as a winner.

Remember to come back here and let me know what you did so I can add you to my magical sheet of  peoples!

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33 Responses

  1. Lynsey

    Eeeek – I can’t believe I hadn’t hearted your etsy shop yet! Just done it though – bad Lynsey :) I would have to say that my favourite thing from your Dawanda shop is the ‘Peek A Boo’ collage necklace – gorgeous!

  2. bunny

    I’ve hearted what I should’ve done a long time ago!!! I love your necklaces! They rock!

  3. bunny

    I love your Candy Kitty Collaged Necklace!

  4. bunny

    The Hoo Hoo Jewelry set is really cute too!

  5. bunny

    The “Peek a Boo” Collage Necklace is adorable as well.

  6. bunny

    My favorite piece would be the “Baby Bliss” Collage Necklace!!! :)

  7. HeartSizedCrush

    I hearted your shop awhile ago…can I unheart and reheart!? I love the pirate cameo brooch!

  8. TialeyVintage

    Lovely shop- hearted. I really like the donut necklace. Mmmmm yummy!!

  9. stoopidgerl

    I hearted your shop awhile ago. You know I love you and your awesome creations! :O)

    This necklace is my fave:

  10. stoopidgerl

    maybe this one if my fave!

  11. Glitterstar

    I hearted you but I have my hearts hidden until after xmas and this is my favorite item:

  12. Lo

    My favorite is the Blue Buddha necklace.

  13. Lo

    The Cookie earrings are so cute – they would make everyone who looked at them hungry!

  14. sena

    I have linked you up at

  15. sena

    I would definitely love the “Baby Bliss” Collage Necklace

  16. sena

    The Woodland Owl Necklace is really cute.

  17. sena

    The star hairpins are adorable :)

  18. bunny

    Here’s the link to my blog:

    I’ve also heart-ed your shop on etsy :)

  19. Amanda - Vinyl Rocks My World

    I really love those bobbypins in your shop.. and I’m a sucker for swallows!

  20. Heidi

    Your Blue Buddha necklace rocks!

  21. Babz

    Yippee much fun 😀

    I’ve pinned and hearted you!

    My favorite item is the Woodland Owl Necklace!

    And check out my blog in a bit for a posting!

    Now I need to buy something!

  22. amber

    I LOVE the Seaweed Soup Collage necklace. Wow you’re really artistic and unique. I love the Cufflinks though too. I can’t choose which I like better.


  23. trisha too

    oh my, you have CUTE things!

    I really like all the collaged necklaces, especially Queen for A Day, but the Hoo Hoo set is great, too!

  24. trisha too

    added you to my Etsy favorites!

  25. Carol

    That Blue Buddha Necklace is unique, I love it.

  26. Trish

    I love the blue buddha necklace! And I pretty much love everything else in your shop as well!! I hearted your Etsy shop.

  27. Kelly M

    Very cute…love the kitschy style you have…

  28. Kelly M

    Very cute…love the kitschy style you have…ok, so i checked you out on Etsy…i love the queen for the day…actually I love all of your collage necklaces…lllloooovve…your work.

  29. Contest-Gal

    I want to join the contest. I want to win the necklace that blue one, it was so nice with my favorite color.Good luck guyz.

  30. Elsie

    Ahoy Matey!

    The Seasweed Soup collage necklace reminds this mermaid of home…very cute and love the seahorse!

  31. Corrine Campos

    Well, I hearted your shop (I’m pretty sure I did that awhile ago). And my favorite item currently is the Sailor Sweetie Tattoo Hairpins. Those are so darling! Thanks for holding this giveaway! Feel free to enter mine.. It ends soon though!

  32. mindy

    cute stuff thanks for the contest

  33. dianad

    thought all the hairpins would be nice for the grandchildren

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