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November 9th, 2007 by Andreanna

I know we alll make these great items and find ourselves frustrated when they do not sell. Why is that? I don’t know it could be many things price, style, or you just have the wrong target audience. Whatever it is one of the most important things to get your items sold is good photos.

What makes a good photo you ask?
Background-Well for a product you should keep it on a simple solid color background. White is the best choice for a background since it goes with everything. If it is discolored in the photo it is  easier to lighten it up than other colors. Plus it won’t detract from your item. Props can be good but there is a point where they take over the picture.

Focus-When I shop online I want to know what I am looking at. I do not want to try and figure out what I should be seeing. Blurry photos are a huge turn off.

Light-If your photos are too dark no one can see your product. Using photo editing software like photoshop can really brighten up those dark pictures.

You don’t need a studio to take great pictures. I use a few pieces of white paper and adobe photoshop to fine tune my pics.
I am not a photo god either and I have listed some items with horrible pictures with leopard print backgrounds.What was I thinking? So good luck and take some photos.

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