Want a snack?

November 17th, 2008 by Andreanna

Yup that is what I was cooking up instead of making Christmas ornaments.

Today is the first day Isabella and I have been home alone in a month. Sandro’s vacation is over and he is back to work today. Unlike when we lived in Lenzburg when he leaves work at 6 he will be here at 6ish. In Lenzburg with train problems and what not sometimes he wouldn’t get home until 12 or 1.

It’s wet outside so I don’t think we are going to go out and play even though Isabella was just running laps through the house. For lunch we will be having baked potatos. Question for all of you is it potatoes or potatos. I don’t remember the rule on that one.

I am going to open artist interviews again! I now have my own pc and internet so I am happy to reopen them. Want to be featured here. Clickie to Check out the post!

Also I am infatuated with this cake by CrashCanStudio on etsy. It is so adorable but I don’t think she would be able to fit Isasmella’s full name on it. If/When I get it I will probably leave off her last name.

Well that’s all for now!

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6 Responses

  1. heliS

    Yes please, I am always open to snacks :)
    And that cake looks very sweet too! :)

  2. jealousydesign

    The cakes looks so yummy. :)

  3. ayseturul

    they looks delicious

  4. Renate

    Mhhh… now I’m craving sweets!
    No idea about the potatoes. Or potatos.

  5. ArtMind

    Yumm, theyu look so good – ready to eat… euh, wear! :)

  6. Tizzalicious

    Everything looks so great!

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