April 17th, 2009 by Andreanna

Well let’s see things are changing here alot.

My dawanda shop is currently closed because of a large past balance I have to pay on my bill. I also had some problems with the post office holding my packages. I did send them out they were just held for over a month until I actually got wind of it. I have done my best to rectify the situation but regardless I can’t preform miracles. I accept responsibility for anything that may have gone wrong in these transactions and hope my past record proves that I am a reliable seller as well as person.

On the personal side things are changing.  I don’t want to go into details because everything is up in the air.

I hope all of you that follow me or even just read this blog  are doing great!

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4 Responses

  1. Tizzalicious

    I hope the things with the post office will be fixed soon!

    And I hope nothing is wrong in the personal life, and that the changes are good ones?

  2. Lynsey

    I too hope everything is ok :)

  3. Interceptor

    Sende mir mein Geld zurück!!!!
    Du kannst mich via Dawanda.de kontaktieren!

  4. meherio68

    Oh wow! This sounds like a nightmare. I do hope you’re seeing the end of it soon!
    And yes, I am quite sure that anyone who has dealt with you before this knows it is not ‘really’ your responsibility. Evidently.
    Best wishes.

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