Ultimate Giveaway of Awesomeness!!

January 1st, 2010 by Andreanna

Happy New Years! I know we were all waiting patiently for the time to find out about my Ultimate Giveaway of Awesomenes!!


To celebrate another new year of fun, flowers, and frankensteins I am having a huge contest. Guess what you can win…Guess. Ok I will tell you. You get the choice of $50 worth of credit in my shop or your own custom collaged necklace. You pick what is on it! You pick what colors it is! And you pick how long the chain is! Sounds good huh?

My creation

So now that you want to enter..yes!!

First entry- Leave a comment what you would get with $50 from my shop.

Extra entries- For each extra entry you have to come back here and comment for it to count.

Follow me on twitter – http://twitter.com/glamasaurus

Fan my Facebook page – http://www.facebook.com/Glamasaurusshop

Heart my etsy – http://www.etsy.com/shop/glamasaurus

Tweet about the giveaway and leave a link in your comment to your twitter page.

Tweet about one of my items and leave a link in your comment to your twitter page.

Blog about my giveaway.

Blog about my shop.

So there are millions of ways to enter and hundreds of items to choose!
Good luck everyone and have a Happy New Year! Also depending on how many entries I get I may add additional prizes so keep entering! The contest ends January 31st so you have lots of time to rack up those entries. Anyone living on Earth can enter. I don’t think my post office has started delivering to Mars yet.

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182 Responses

  1. Heidi

    I would choose a custom collage necklace! They are so fun and unique!
    I would love one with greens and browns and oranges, with maybe some mushroom or owl love!
    Or one like that fab Jack Skellington one…
    So cute!

  2. Heidi

    I already have your Etsy shop hearted β™₯

    username digitalmisfit

  3. Heidi

    Already follow you on Twitter :)

  4. Heidi


    I tweeted :)

  5. Vicki

    I love this necklace!


  6. beanbun

    It would be too hard for me to choose! I would definitely get something red and black from your shop if I had $50 though!

  7. beanbun

    Here’s my RT: http://twitter.com/beanbun

  8. metzypants

    I would probably just buy all the doughnut and mushroom related things. Such a sucker for mushroom loveliness πŸ˜€ x

  9. amanda @ fake ginger

    I would totally go for a collage necklace. I’ve wanted one for so long!

  10. amanda @ fake ginger

    I always follow you on Twitter. :)

  11. amanda @ fake ginger

    ^That should say already.

    I’m a fan on Facebook.

  12. Jaxxy

    I love your work and have been such a fan! I really need to buy stuff from your shop! XD

  13. Allison

    hey, saw this on lost-sock :)

    i’d definitely pick a custom necklace – the ones you have posted look gorgeous!

  14. Allison

    here’s my twitter, lol, i’m new at this but I’m following you and tweeted about your giveaway :)


  15. Liz

    OHhhh I would get the custom collage necklace. (I love the fourth one down on the right most column)

  16. Liz

    My twitter – http://twitter.com/cherryredboutiq

    (just followed you there πŸ˜€ )

  17. Breige

    I would get a nice mixture of stuff, I really love the bookmarks and would probably get a necklace and a badge/brooch, they’re so beautiful!

  18. Breige

    Also became a fan on Facebook :)

  19. Marianne

    I would love some sweet earings or pins with little critters on them. Work in a veterinary clinic and they would be such fun to show off.

  20. Marianne

    Gave you a heart on Etsy!

  21. Hannah N.

    I would love to win! I would definitely pick a collage necklace. Those are amazing!!! I would want something blue, yellow, and black. The charms I’d have to ask you about.

  22. Hannah N.

    I just became your facebook page fan for another entry. :)

  23. Hannah N.

    I hearted your etsy for another entry.

  24. Angie

    Those necklaces are absolutely fabulous! Cute and sophisticated. I hope I win!

  25. Angie

    I just hearted you!

    aschertle at yahoo dot com

  26. angela

    cora necklace $15
    matryoshka necklace $15
    elana necklace $16

    or i would be really cheeky and ask you to make me a bookmark with a lollipop from the necklace or a necklace with the roller girl earrings!

  27. angela

    i just became a facebook fan and hearterd your shop!

  28. Melissa

    I’d get the Skull Cameo Earrings, the Rock Star Bobby Pins, the Cora Mini Locket Necklace (which is gorgeous!) and the Shy Sheep 2 pin back button set. πŸ˜€

  29. Blogasaurus » Blog Archive » Mystery Giveaway from AppleNoggin!!

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  30. Apple Noggin

    Whoopsie….I left my comment in the wrong spot, so here it is again! hehe

    Thank you for taking part in my giveaway and especially for letting me know about yours!

    I think if I had $50 to spend at your shop I’d have to get the Lost Lilac Locket Necklace all for myself! It’s beautiful!

  31. Apple Noggin

    Woo hoo! Following you on twitter!

  32. Apple Noggin

    Already fanned your facebook page! Thank you for posting my giveaway there.

  33. Apple Noggin

    Also already hearted. Tons of cute things in your shop! My faves are the skull cameo necklaces and brooches and the golden wiener dog earrings!!!

  34. Apple Noggin

    I tweeted you too πŸ˜‰


  35. Rachael

    I would either buy some clip on earrings, cameo necklace and matching bobby pins OR I’d buy one of those funky collage necklaces ~ can’t pick one just right now though!

    I <3 your shop (motleymisfits)

    I Tweeted: http://twitter.com/GlassofWin/status/7292475059

    and I added you on Twitter (@GlassofWin)

    I'll link to your giveaway on my blog this Wednesday (I'll give you a link then)

  36. melanie green


    i love your collaged necklaces, i would get this one if i won, gotta love the monochrome look!

  37. melanie green

    I already follow you but i tweeted you @feltmeupdesigns


    happy new year!

  38. uberVU - social comments

    Social comments and analytics for this post…

    This post was mentioned on Twitter by 0allisonkay: check out Glmasarurus’ awesome blog giveaway! unique jewelry! http://blog.glamasaurus.com/?p=936#comment-777

  39. Tanya R\.

    Followed on twitter and posted about this giveaway, fan’ed on facebook (and suggested to all my facebook friends) and since my twitter sends all my posts to my facebook it’s also been posted there.

    Also made a post about the cute tentacle brooch.

    Even checked and I thought I had an etsy, though never used, I hearted ya there as well.

    I faved all my favorites on etsy but if I were to be able to spend $50 in your shop, it would be a truly hard choice. It was hard enough not faving just about everything in your shop as it was.

    I suppose I’d have to go with that tentacle brooch, the scrumptious sandwich cookie necklace and if still on sale the maneki neko necklace (or if not then maneki neko instead of cookie).
    Wait did I just fail math class and miscalculate somewhere?
    LOL guess I should of elected to sleep tonight hehehe.

  40. Tanya R

    Forgot my etsy is http://www.etsy.com/profile.php?user_id=6018203
    And facebook

    Not that you can’t tell, I use the same av and username everywhere lol

    I got sleep bunnies (related to the dust bunny I believe lol) in my brain right now and am not thinking straight.

  41. Kristy B.

    With $50 to spend in your shop. I am not certain as to what I will buy considering the large variety of items you have. The collage necklace intrigues me greatly because of its uniqueness. The bookmarks, magnets, bracelets, earrings, and necklaces are all amazing.

    I fanned your facebook page. I also followed you on twitter and tweeted about this contest.

  42. Amber Zrust

    omg… your trying to kill me with the new jack necklaces!! I would totally pick a custom one though if i won… we could finally make my “soul mate” of glam necklaces, lol

  43. Amber Zrust

    Fan of your facebook page

  44. Amber Zrust

    follow you on twitter @RockerByeBaby

  45. Amber Zrust

    Tweeted about the giveaway

  46. Ann

    I noticed you have Super Mario mushroom earrings, and I would get a custom necklace in some sort of Super Mario theme, if possible. I would love that! Great contest..love your necklaces!

  47. Amber Zrust

    Tweeted about a necklace!

  48. Amber Zrust

    omg, haha i didnt have your shop hearted!! lame…
    i do now :)

  49. Ann

    following you on twitter


  50. Ann

    tweeted about your giveaway:


  51. Ann

    became a facebook fan XD

  52. Gothictany

    Omg I love your shop!!
    β€’ Hearted your shop!
    β€’ RT about your awsome giveaway!
    β€’ Following you now on Twitter! Yay!

    …and I love ALL your Jack Skellington necklaces!!;)

  53. gothictany

    Oh I forgot to link you to my etsy shop where I <3 you!

    I also blogged about your awsome shop and fantastic giveaway!

    good luck to all!! Oxoxo

  54. Gothictany

    Tweeted about that fabulous “Sweetie Skull Cameo Locket” yup! I wants it!!


  55. Mossmiss

    Ahh! I’d get :Kawaii Little Girl and her Cat 2 fabric pin back button set- need it! And I’d love a cookie hairslide and some bunny hairpins and matryoshka hairpins
    – you have a LOT of very cute stuff! glad I found your site, I’m going to heart it now too

  56. Lynsey

    Oh my! I would choose one of your collaged necklaces – they are fabulous!

  57. Jillian

    LOVE the limeade collage necklace, I would use that with the credit! ~Jillian

  58. Jillian

    Check out this giveaway! http://blog.glamasaurus.com/?p=936#comment-824

  59. Jillian

    I hearted u!

  60. Jillian

    Became a FB fan
    ~Jillian Spencer

  61. Blogasaurus » Blog Archive » What I made today

    […] My favorite is the one with the blue bunny! I am so proud of me.Β  I will be listing them in the shop too. If you have read all this and want one but are short on cash why not try to win one? […]

  62. Pili

    Hmmmm… Really, I get some of the new cupcakes!! I’m in love with the ones that have the bunnies!! So super cute!!

  63. Pili

    And of course, I’m following you on twitter, been for a while! @pili28

  64. Shelbi

    Wow, with fifty dollars for your shop, I would buy your preztel hair pins, bunny hair clips, strawberry necklace, and ice cream brooch. Everything’s so cute in your shop. πŸ˜€

  65. Dusty

    I love this one…

    Hearted you…can’t believe I had not already.

    followed you @invernessstudio and tweeted

    Fanned you too!

  66. Alexis

    I’ve been drooling over your collage necklaces forever, so I think I’d have to pick one of those in black and green!

    And I’m already following you on Twitter, Facebook and already hearted your shop!

  67. Jen

    I would defintely have to go with a black and white collage necklace!

  68. Stephanie

    I would love a custom collage necklace…or even the beneath the waves one! Awesome!

  69. Stephanie

    I hearted your shop!
    (HonorCrownedCrafts is me.)

  70. Stephanie

    I am following you on Twitter!

  71. Stephanie

    And I tweeted about my fave necklace!

  72. Nicolette

    Following on Twitter, tweeted about giveaway, fanned on FB, and hearted on Etsy! I would totally go for one of them cute collage necklaces XD


  73. Valerie

    With 50 dollars in your shop, I would buy the Emma mini locket and as many of those adorable hairpins as I can manage <3

  74. Valerie

    Okay, am now following you on twitter (http://twitter.com/Sado_Erotique).

  75. Valerie

    Fan on facebook! (Valerie Seys)

  76. Lauren

    I would want a custom collage, they’re just too unique to pass up! I would want it in pink, black and silver. With some sort of cute critter: deer, squirrel or even a beetle.

    Fan on FB Lauren Adcock

  77. UvKITTY

    If I won, I would definitely want a custom necklace like that turquoise/purple piece in the centre of the second last row.

  78. UvKITTY

    I was already your fan on facebook and I already had you on twitter,

    But I retweeted your giveaway post,

    I also favorited you on etsy. :)

  79. Julesbar

    I already have your Etsy shop hearted β™₯ for sho!


  80. Julesbar

    I am already your fan on facebook & follow you on twitter; I also retweeted your giveaway post. Plus you are a fav of mine on etsy (love it!!)

    Your stuff is so cute & colorful it would be hard to decide but I love mermaids so maybe a collage necklace of one with seashells? :-)

  81. Julesbar

    Very cute but maybe turquoise or a peacock one because I LOVE peacocks! That would be awesome!!!! :-) :-) :-)

  82. PinkWTF

    I tweeted about http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=20062537

  83. Gothictany

    I love your “Valentines Red CupCake necklace!”
    So, tweeted about it today! http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=37835477

    and I <3 this beautifull cupcake necklace too!! Wooohooo!

  84. Gothictany

    Oh Oh, I also tweeted about your awsome giveaway today!:)

  85. littledeadmommy

    I honestly have no idea where to start. I love your shop! There are so many things that I like and I’m sure I would get a neklace or necklaces.

  86. littledeadmommy

    I am following you on twitter (username littledeadmommy).

  87. littledeadmommy

    I hearted your shop on etsy (my username is littledeadmommy).

  88. Kari

    I would get a bunny cupcake necklace and a shrubbery. =)

  89. Kari

    I also hearted you on Etsy (mindfazingrain).

  90. Rachael

    This is Rachael aka GlassofWin again gaining extra entries for you contest ~ hee!

    I <3 you on Facebook (I'm Rachael Faught)

    and I posted a link to your giveaway on my blog under Weekly Toast Wednesday: http://www.glassofwin.com/?p=1103


  91. Valerie

    Tweeted about the giveaway @ http://twitter.com/Sado_Erotique

  92. P

    I love the collage necklaces, and I might get a badge or two. Anything with bunnies!

  93. P

    Hearted you on Etsy.

  94. WushuAnnie

    I love all of your works,but I’d like a “gothic” collage necklace or something “sweet”(as I told you on DA^_^)…it’s so hard to choose for me ’cause all your works are awesome and different each other!
    *I just wanna say that my b-day is the 28th of January…winning this contest’d be a supergift^///^!

  95. Gothictany

    Those cupcakes look so real, I want to eat them!!! Are you sure there not real?;)

    I tweeted about my love for your yummy cupcakes!!! :)

    Crafting is therapy for me too! That, and cleaning! OCD me!

  96. Tanya R

    Just tweeted about this again reminding everyone and left a link for this page


  97. Heather

    I LOVE your store!!! I think with $50 I would get my 4 year old a bunch of super cute bobby pins. Her hair is super long and super wild. I would love to put bobby pins in, but I don’t think she would let me unless they were cute. Yours are awesome and I know she would love to wear them!

  98. Heather

    I tweeted about your store. :)

  99. Heather

    I became a fan on FB. :)

  100. Heather

    I hearted you on Etsy. :)

  101. Gothictany

    Girl, by now you know how much I love your creations/want to eat them too!:)

    So I tweet/chirp and share your shop!
    http://www.twitter.com/gothictany yummm!!

  102. Gothictany

    I <3 you on Etsy today AND I tweeted about this amazing "Black Hearted Collage Necklace!!" it's simply Bitchin!!!!! :)



  103. jess

    Oo my first entry (cause I totally plan on making more!) – I would go for this necklace (it’s so sweet!)
    http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=20534132 or request a custom necklace with a nautical skull theme!

  104. Amanda smith

    I looooove the Prancer collage necklace!

    I followed you on Twitter! :)


    Hearted your shop!

  105. Megan

    Your collage necklaces are so much fun!

  106. Cats

    It is so hard to choose, too many awesome things ^^;; But I would have to pick:

    * Donut Lover Cuff Links
    * Scrumptious Sandwich Cookie Necklace
    * Hedgehog Earrings

  107. Cats

    Oh and I <3'd your shop ^^

  108. Cats

    And became a fan on your facebook πŸ˜€

  109. BunnyKissd

    I would definitely get a custom collaged necklace with the $50! I love them all!

  110. BunnyKissd

    I have β™₯ed your shop! (I honestly don’t know why it wasn’t already!)

  111. BunnyKissd

    Following on Twitter now!

  112. BunnyKissd

    Fan of your facebook page!

  113. BunnyKissd

    Tweeted! http://twitter.com/bunnykissd

  114. Cats

    And posted about the giveaway on my blog

  115. Cats

    and about your shop too πŸ˜€

    gosh I’m such a good girl >_>;;

  116. BunnyKissd

    Tweeted about my favorite collaged necklaces! http://twitter.com/bunnykissd

  117. Gothictany

    I love your Jack Skellington Necklace!
    So, I tweeted about it! :)


  118. Gothictany

    Oh I hearted<3 that awsome Jack Skllington necklace on etsy too!!

  119. Gothictany

    AND today I tweeded/reminded peeps to enter the Awsome Giveaway!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  120. Kae

    Id buy anything with Jack skellington.

    I tweeted about your jack cupcake necklace


  121. Lisa

    I’d buy the Glamapus Tentacle Brooch, the Chocolate Sprinkle Donut Necklace, and the Chocolate Bite Bobby Pins!

    Your stuff is gorgeous!

  122. Tizzalicious

    Hmmm, I’d have a hard time picking stuff from yuor shop, I like so much!

    Probably one of your new cupcake necklaces…and some Donut stuff, and aaaah…love it all!

  123. Tizzalicious

    Aaaaand, I blogged about your giveaway!


  124. Dorothy

    If were to win or purchase anything from your shop (which I really like everything it was hard to choose!) it would be black, silver, and/or red and covered in glitter!!

  125. RusticRainbow

    Girl you know I LOVE your necklaces! Id have to think about what I would love to have!!

  126. RusticRainbow

    JUst tweeted your giveaway :)

  127. SensibleObsessions

    I would totally snag a collage necklace they are just so mind blowing! -Tizzalicious’ blog is what sent me here-

  128. SensibleObsessions

    I β™₯ your shop on Etsy – Username: CannibalisticCandies

  129. RusticRainbow

    Woohoo Following you now!

  130. SensibleObsessions

    I also blogged about it http://trashionista-anoxia-loveless.blogspot.com/2010/01/glamorous-glamasaurus-giveaway.html

  131. SensibleObsessions

    Followed and Tweeted – http://twitter.com/CannibalCandies

  132. OmgLia

    with $50 I would get a custom collage necklace! Probably pink and brown, with lots of flowers and hearts and some metal things in there.

  133. OmgLia

    hearted your etsy from http://omglia.etsy.com

  134. OmgLia

    followed you @omglia on twitter

  135. Lieve Lyntje

    It’s so hard to choose.
    But ofcourse if I had to … then I would probably pick the cookie dangle earrings and sweets sweetie bracelet, I really love her!

  136. Miss Oneyes

    If Lady luck is on my side with this giveaway I would go for a black and white custom collage necklace. I just discovered your work and I absolutely love it! :)

  137. Miss Oneyes

    Just added myself as a follower on Twitter

  138. Miss Oneyes

    I wrote a post on my blog about your work and your giveaway:

  139. Gothictany

    I tweeted about this adorable Fawn & Cream necklace that I want to buy!!!!
    β™₯ http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=38930665&utm_source=Twitter&utm_medium=PageTools&utm_campaign=Share


  140. Miss Lou Lou

    I would deffinately get one of your collaged necklaces, they are AMAZING!. My fave would have to be the Soda Jerk Special. Love It.

  141. Brigitte

    What a lovely giveaway :3

  142. amanda sullivan

    Oo! Hard to choose!
    If I was picking today…Id get:

    donut bookmark:

    Lollipop necklace!

    and zomg! Jack cake necklace!

    Im sewfabulous! and I just hearted you with glee! <3

    ps: the little kitty clip pair is ADORABLE too! thats how I found you!

  143. Jenna Wylie

    I would probably get one of your purple and black necklaces.

  144. Jenna Wylie

    I am also following you on Twitter, fan of you on facebook, hearted your etsy, and tweeted about your contest and an item people could win! (http://twitter.com/amorphious)

  145. SensibleObsessions

    I blogged about your store –

  146. SensibleObsessions

    I tweeted about one of your items

  147. Gothictany

    I tweeted about your beautifull girly brooches! Gosh, I can’t wait to see the fawn brooch!;)


  148. Gabriella

    I would get the Requiem Locket. Really cute!

  149. Gabriella

    Following on Twitter! @EllaEtc

  150. Gabriella

    I’m a fan on Facebook. (Gabriella S.)

  151. Gabriella

    Tweeted an item! http://twitter.com/ellaetc/status/8123929941

  152. Mrs. Woo

    The $50 so I can have more time to think! How to choose…

  153. RusticRainbow

    I just did a blog post about you and your wonderful giveaway :)

  154. Gothictany

    β™₯β™₯β™₯I tweeted about your awsome giveaway my sweet Cupcakesaurus!!β™₯β™₯β™₯


  155. Gothictany

    ****And…I tweeted about your Domokun Cupcake necklace too!*****


  156. Janice

    I’ll definitely get the Chocolate Lovers Bracelet if I win the $50 πŸ˜€


    Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  157. Janice

    followed you on twitter! I’m http://twitter.com/jchrysilla πŸ˜€

  158. Janice

    tweeted about your giveaway! http://twitter.com/jchrysilla/statuses/8270764379

  159. Janice

    became your fan on facebook! I’m Janice Chrysilla there πŸ˜€

  160. Janice

    http://twitter.com/jchrysilla/statuses/8270804510 tweeted about your product!

  161. Janice

    I heart your etsy! :)

  162. Gothictany

    ~β€’~β€’~β€’I tweeted about your Fabulous Giveaway love! To remind the forgetfull folks:) ~β€’~β€’~β€’~

  163. Christa I

    I tweeted

  164. Christa I

    I follow you on twitter.

  165. Christa I

    I hearted you etsy shop years ago.

  166. Nascarnana

    I would pick a custom necklace in browns and greens with a fox maybe.

  167. Christa I

    Check out this bad ass Prancer Collaged Necklace http://bit.ly/d76CMZ it’s so awesome.

  168. Christa I

    It would be hard to pick I would love a happyjack collaged necklace. Anything purple, black and lime green would be awesome. I also really love the lockets you make.

  169. Tanya R

    Retweeted your last post about this contest.

    Congrats to whomever wins.

  170. Regina @ Margarita Bloom

    You have got some of the cutest jewelry I’ve ever seen!! I totally heart your cupcake necklaces and the Loveshroom Necklace! :)

  171. Regina @ Margarita Bloom

    I just followed you on Facebook! :)

  172. Regina @ Margarita Bloom

    I’m already following you on twitter!

  173. cLare


    one of my fave items in your shop is the ‘Pink Glittery Girly Skull Collaged Necklace’ i LOVe pink, glitter and skulls so its perfect!

    im following u on twitter @cLare_beaR_

    and i have hearted your etsy shop too…



  174. Aude

    Those collage necklaces are so unique and very creative ! I would pick definitely pick the skulls ones! I’m following you on FB as well <3

  175. jill

    I think I would get something w/ donuts or skulls or a custom necklace.

  176. jill

    I tweeted about you.

    My link is twitter.com/LilMizJ

  177. jill

    I’m following you on Twitter. (MySpace too!)

  178. Corrine

    Hope I’m not too late! If I won, I’d get the Red or Pink
    Glittery Girly Skull Collaged Necklace!

  179. Corrine

    I’m already following you on Twitter. (@bellamiabeads)

  180. Corrine

    I am already a fan on Facebook! (My name on there is Corrine Campos)

  181. Corrine

    I’m pretty sure I have your Etsy shop hearted already, but I added you to my Favorites in case!

  182. Corrine

    I also tweeted about your giveaway! http://www.twitter.com/bellamiabeads