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January 3rd, 2010 by Andreanna

Since it is Sunday and nothing to do it is the perfect day to craft. Usually I am kinda lazy on Sundays and just lay around. This week with the new year I seem to have a urge to work a lot. I have been expanding my line and that really makes me feel revitalized.

My fingers look fat in this picture ahhh!! OK end of girly freak out.

So I have been wanting to make some new cuppycakes for the longest time. Problem is I have made polymer clay ones before and sure they are fun but they just don’t look real enough. I am not a fan of exact realism but I think the more real I can get my cuppycakes while still staying fun looking the better. …And I like fancy twirly icing.

Last week I sent the husband to hardware store which is on the outskirts of town and the bus stops about 10 minutes away from. Yes I am a meany and made him go out there. He picked up my needed supplies and now that I have them all I can finally make my cupcakes of ultimate awesomeness.

I had to figure out how to make the base for myself and then I was ready to ice them and decorate.  I will never be a cake, cupcake, or other baked goods decorator.  After icing all of these my hand is crampy. I am pretty sure I am doing it a bit wrong but oh well I still made some super cute cuppycakes.

My favorite is the one with the blue bunny! I am so proud of me.  I will be listing them in the shop too. If you have read all this and want one but are short on cash why not try to win one?

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8 Responses

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  2. IngerMaaike

    They sure are fun looking!

  3. Andreanna

    Aww thanks Inger

  4. amanda @ fake ginger

    Aww, I love them! I love the wrappers too, are they real cupcake liners?

    Landon’s standing over my shoulder shouting “CAKE!” so I guess he approves. 😉

  5. Pili

    They DO look good enough to eat!!
    Damn, now I’m craving cupcakes!!

  6. Andreanna

    Yes I made them with real mini cupcake liners! I just window shopped on etsy for more.

  7. Kelly Koo

    My favourite is the orange bambi. Too cute!!

  8. MSunflower

    You mean these aren’t made with polymer clay?? What hardware store stuff did you use? They do look so realistic! And delicious…but I won’t try to eat one I promise. 😛

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