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May 29th, 2011 by Andreanna

So this exact set you can win and all you have to do is write your worst date ever in the comments. The funniest one will win. I will pick the winner June 5th!

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14 Responses

  1. Sherry L

    My worst date ever was when I was just out of high school. We went to dinner and I had decided I really did NOT like the guy. We went on to the movies and I though maybe I could get through the evening. But he put his arm around me in the movies and tried to kiss me and I felt like I wanted to vomit. So I excused myself to go to the restroom and instead called a cab and went home. Never told him I was leaving and never saw him again.

  2. Jessica W

    My worst date ever was with a boy I met online. That should have scared me away, but noooo, I went ahead and tried him out. The first thing I noticed in person was that his Myspace pictures were out of date — about 50 lbs out of date! I decided it couldn’t hurt to stroll the riverwalk with him as planned. I prepped my “we can be friends” talk in my head while listening to him awkwardly babble about life. He stared way too much. At one point, we sat on the bench at the opposite end of the parking lot (about 2 mi away), and something set him off in panic. He had left his keys in his car and didn’t know if he even took them out of the ignition! His car was still running in the parking lot 2 miles away! At this point, we had been walking for at least 20 minutes. He DROPPED to his knees and gave out a painful cry of despair like you’d see and hear in a movie or something. I was SO embarrassed. I told him to calm down and we started walking back towards to parking lot quickly. He stayed frantic and on the verge of tears the whole time despite me trying to make light of it. Each and every person we passed, he asked if they had seen a set of keys on the path and proceeded to tell them the whole night’s course of events. When we finally got back to his car, it was indeed still running. I stood with him in the parking lot, which was across from one of the busiest streets in town, as he jimmy-rigged his car antenna to break in through his window. I let him drive me home even though I had walked there because by the time the whole rendezvous was over, it was way past dark.

  3. ann

    worst date ever was about 3 years ago and i had been talking to this guy online. he had no pics (red light lol) cuz he was building a house, no computer access, etc etc. i shoulda known. told me he was former navy seal, i wouldn’t be disappointed, described himself in a way i thought, ok not bad. 6’2, dark hair, fit. what i got was greasy long hair, balding on top, NOT fit, horrrible teeth, clothes were wrinkly, nails were dirty. we met at a park and the minute he met met, he couldnt stop trying to paw me. i was horrified. the “date” lasted less than an hour and i told him i had to go, my son had just texted me with an emergency at home.

  4. Slee

    worst date i can think of right now, good grief, it’s been a while.
    I got invited over to what I thought was a role playing thing at the (weird but creative) GM’s house.
    I had no freaking clue that it was a date. I thought the whole gaming group would be there. Did i say weird? I meant 40 something lived with his parents, no job, wore sweats and an undershirt all the time, creepy ass poorly groomed GM.
    The whole time, it was him wanting to show me his collectible Smurf glasses collection and his father’s cross stitching, and me trying to come up with reasons to go home, without saying “you’re a great GM, but otherwise you’re a creepy loser.”
    Ultimately, a gigantic comic book collection, a signed edition of some book I had never heard about, an intense description of how long and hard he looked for the right color of paint for one of the sorceress miniatures so it could look like me, i had to feign illness to go the hell home.
    Then get this, creepy follows me home on his freaking motorcycle because he was afraid I was too sick to drive.
    Yeah. Worst date ever, well, worst non-violent awkward and embarrassing for all parties concerned date ever.

  5. Meagan

    I went on a blind date in college- I’m not even sure why! The guy when to a university know for being a bunch of pot heads. The guy must have been half my height and totally not my type. To make it worse we went to see a horror film- Texas Chainsaw! I hid behind my jacket the entire movie then got scarred by a motorcycle outside the theatre. Worst date and last blind date!

  6. Marta

    I met the guy thru Facebook. We had about 200 friends in common but had never met. His picture was from a distance but seemed alright. Anyway, after messaging each other for a month or so, we agreed to met at the local theater. I’m about 5ft 10in tall, so I usually wear flats when first meeting someone. He had to have been at least 6in shorter than me. His eyes were the exact level as my boobs, which he stared at every chance he could. He let me pick the movie, so I picked Paranormal Activity 2. I love horror movies, and he said he had been wanting to see it too. So, when it is our turn in line, he walks up and gets the tickets and sodas, which comes to about $30. He turns to me and asks if I can get it this time since he just spent his last bit of cash on a couple of pack of smokes. I’m trying to be progressive, so sure, I’ll pay. Then the movie starts. He screamed (loudly) at least every 5 minutes, jumped and kicked the seat in front us so much that person turned and yelled at him, and left bruises on my arm from grabbing it so much. When the movie was over, I literally wanted to run out before anyone could see the girl with the crazy loud guy. He, however, wanted me to walk him to his car. He didn’t want to walk across the dark parking lot by himself.

  7. Cody

    I went on a date with this punker dude I met on Myspace. (I know, lawd help me). He had a blue mohawk, was overweight, and wore bondage pants. His first stop for the date – a grocery store. He wanted me to walk around with him and see people stare at him for being an individual and how unfair that was. O.O

  8. Kendra

    Oh god, This was years ago. I had been talking to this guy online, he seemed interesting, and was willing to drive 45 minutes to meet me. So we arrange to meet at a local bookstore, and get a coffee. He was nothing like he described, and waaaaay too close to my height for my liking (I’m 5’3”)! So it’s a little awkward, but whatever, we sit and have a drink, and we’re talking and he starts ranting about how some people don’t deserve to live, like if their IQs are below average then they don’t need to be alive. I had already mentioned I worked part-time at a grouphome, so why he would go on and on about this is beyond me. He continued to look for topics to ‘discuss’ (read: argue about). A friend texted me, and I claimed an emergency and left.

  9. Karen

    My worst? Actually, it started out rather well. We had a lot in common, he was taller than me (which at 5 ft 8 in High School), gorgeous to boot. We did your typical high school thing: Mall and the food court while our ride (his mother) wandered around. So, we were sitting at Starbucks, and then I noticed he wasn’t exactly looking at me, but over my shoulder.

    To the two, admittedly beautiful, guys at the table behind us. Don’t get me wrong, my best friend was then and still is gay…But honestly? Not so much for a date.

  10. Gabriella

    The day I finally met up with the guy I’d been pining over for some time, I was talking to a friend and giggling nervously while I waited for him. Somehow, the nerves and the giggles built up and when he appeared and I went to greet him (Spaniards greet with a kiss on each cheek) everything in my mouth just blurted out and I sprayed saliva all over his face. To this day, I have no idea how I did it. It mustn’t have been that bad (or maybe he had a weird spit fetish),’cause we dated for 8 years after that!

  11. Kendall

    After weeks of hounding me for a date, I finally accepted an offer to go bowling with a guy. The biggest reason I said yes was his amazingly cool Bronco.

    I met him at the bowling alley… he showed up forty five minutes late and in his mom’s mini van. We got some pizza and soda and made small talk. Turns out we had diametrically opposite views on pretty much everything – religion, politics, etc.

    By the time we finished the pizzsa (he ate a whole large pizza by himself) the bowling alley wasn’t starting new games, so we couldn’t actually bowl. He took me out to his mom’s mini van to “talk” some more while I waited for my emergency back up ride. (No way was I riding in that stinking van! Literally stinking.)

    When he leaned over to kiss me (ugh pizza breath!) he actually belched in my face. He didn’t even say excuse me, but just mumbled something about being nervous. My ride showed up and I gladly ran away.

    He paged me about a dozen times a day for several weeks before I finally gathered the courage to say that no, I did not want to go out with him again.

  12. AmandaG

    My worst date.. ah where to start? Well I met this guy at a concert, he seemed AMAZING so when he asked for my number I gave it to him. He promptly called the next day and asked me out on a date, when I said I wasn’t sure about going out with someone I just met he assured me that it would be the best date of my entire life. So for the first part of the evening he took me out to eat…. at McDonalds. Now I don’t really have expensive tastes or anything but really? McDonalds? Then while at McDonalds he proceeded to order for me… A fish sandwich.. Normally I like seafood… but not at McDonalds. I decided to let it slide and see what else the evening had in store for me. The next part of the date was at, wait for it… Wal-mart. Now this really confused me. When I asked him why we were there he said he wanted to grab snacks for the movie, which makes sense I guess theater food is expensive, and that he needed to pick up a few things for his house. So as he proceeds to do a weeks worth of grocery shopping he suggest we go look at clothes since we had a while till the movie started. At this point I’m really getting sick of this date, but I have a hard time being rude. Apparently he had no such issue. His idea of looking at clothes was trying to talk me into trying on lingerie and modeling it for him. Keep in mind this is our FIRST (and only)date. After refusing several times he finally gets the hint and I suggest we go to the theater so we aren’t late. Not only does he make me stick 20 lbs of candy in my purse (all for him, he never bothered to ask me if I wanted anything) but he had promised that I would get to pick the movie. Well while I ran to the restroom he decided to go ahead and grab the tickets without waiting to find out what I wanted to see. His pick? Son of the Mask. Dumbest.Movie.Ever. As we’re watching the movie, instead of asking me for the candy in my purse, he decided to just start pulling things out of my purse and dumping it in my lap until he had what he wanted. Finally the movie ends and he asks if I wanted to do anything else. I tell him no, that I’m exhausted, so he takes me home. Standing at my door, fumbling with my keys just trying to escape he trys to kiss me. He missed my mouth because I was trying to avoid him and gets my chin. He got all mad at this point because I wouldn’t kiss him I say goodnight and rush into the house as he stomps back to his car. About an hour later I get a text that says that I owe him for everything he paid for on the date because I lead him on. Sufficed to say I blocked his number and ignored his demand for payment. Lol you may think that I made this all up and trust me I wish I had. Worst date EVER

  13. AmandaG

    I know you already picked a winner.. But I felt like sharing anyway

  14. AmandaG

    I know you already picked a winner, But I felt like sharing anyway :)

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