The Buyer’s Responsibilities

June 27th, 2011 by Andreanna

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So often sellers take abuse from customers from anything for packages being lost to shipping taking too long. As a buyer you have the responsibility to choose whether or not to buy expedited shipping or tracking.

I recently changed my tracking inclusion on packages  because I was having packages returned since buyers would simply not pick them up at the post office. I was losing money and I would rather have an order lost than have 5 sent back to me.

Remember when you buy something if you want it by a certain date and the shop says can take anywhere from 2- 6 weeks you have the choice to purchase the expedited shipping.

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2 Responses

  1. Pili

    Sometimes buyers can be such pains in the arse! And I’m a buyer-only! I still don’t understand why people won’t go to the post office to pick up their parcels, are we really becoming that lazy???

  2. Andreanna

    Seriously it boggles the mind. I get so many people who are like do you have a tracking number and then don’t get that tracking requires you to pick it up if you aren’t home when they deliver. I lived in the states so I know they leave 2 notices before they say a package was unclaimed and they wait about 3 weeks before sending it back.

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