Shopping Trip or Why people stare at us in public.

July 2nd, 2011 by Andreanna

Like most Saturdays my husband, Izzy, and I got dressed and walked to the supermarket.  We are  like children in stores. Our lists are very nondescript and usually say we should buy food.  I just can’t plan what I will want to eat for a whole week. I have tried meal plans and failed because I will make what I have on my weekly plan and just have no desire to eat it.

Sandro and I just tend to meander around the store and grab whatever sounds like a good idea. We love the bakery section for chocolate croissants and fresh bread. While we were in the bakery I spotted this bread.

Ahh pee pee bread!

Which of course made me giggle hysterically and tell my husband to take a picture of  the peepee bread! Then he points to the shelf above and says boobie breads!!

boobie breads!

Of course some lady was gawking at us as we giggled about the body part breads and gave us the look. OH well at least we had fun!

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3 Responses

  1. Pili

    Making grocery shopping fun is a great idea, it tends to be very boring most of the time…

  2. Andreanna

    I like grocery shopping. I can actually feel justified in spending money because well it’s food!

  3. Crafty Pirate

    LOL! This sounds like something I’d do as well! So funny! :)

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