What’s wrong with the internet or pug in a sailor suit.

August 30th, 2011 by Andreanna

So today I decided that my imaginary pug that I will someday own will be named Jean Paul Gaultier and be forced to wear a sailor suit.

After telling Sandro this he immediately asked me why the pug needed to be named Jean Paul Gaultier.  He must have slept through the 90s when Jean Paul Gaultier used to skip down the runway in a sailor suit complete with hat. This was also when I dreamed of growing 4 inches and losing 70lbs so I could be Linda Evangelista or Eve Savail. Yes I wanted to be tall, bald, and have a tattoo of a dragon on my head.

So I said you know what I am going to google a picture of a pug in a sailor suit and guess what.. I found a picture of a pug in a sailor suit. Sadly the owner did not have foresight to name their pug Jean Paul Gaultier.


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3 Responses

  1. P

    I wanted to be Linda Evangelista, too.

  2. Andreanna

    She is so beautiful!

  3. lisab

    love your work !!!!!!! very creative :)

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