Week in Review – Closer to Insanity which means creativity.

October 9th, 2011 by Andreanna
Blue Bunny Sweets Urbanears Headphones from glamasaurus

Blue Bunny Sweets Urbanears Headphones

This week I have gone into crazy homemaker mode. I cleaned my oven.  Our dishwasher is showing it’s age so I have been hand washing all the dishes. I baked cookies 2 times this week.   Watch out Betty Crocker!

Jack Skellington cupcake by glamasaurus

I had a custom request to remake a Jack Skellington cupcake

I also have been working like a mad woman on new product.  I am shocked with myself especially since I have been single momming it these past few weeks. Sandro has been working like mad on a work campaign.  Tonight he will be sleeping at the office. I am not happy about it but we have to be able to pay our rent.

Piano contact cases by glamasaurus

Piano contact cases!

In other good news the electricians came and we now no longer have disco mood lighting when cooking and having the bathroom light on. It’s nice to not to have to boil water to bathe.

So now I am going to crank out another cupcake or two since I have gotten another request!

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3 Responses

  1. Amii

    I love that TNBC cuppycake!

    Will you be doing a halloween series this year?

  2. Pili

    Yes, please! More Jack cupcakes! I need one too!

  3. Andreanna

    I am really terrible at making seasonal items. I did whip out like 5 Jack cupcakes last night. So I will be adding them once I totally finish them.

    I just never make seasonal stuff on season because I usually don’t feel Christmassy until the day etc.

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