Week in Review – Out of control and a mess to clean up

October 2nd, 2011 by Andreanna

If you have been reading my blog you know all about the big sale that went bad. This has been bogging me down for all of September. If you know me I am a control freak.  When it comes to my business I am a look before you leap kinda gal.  When I have a sale this really is a great time to not only give  current customers a great deal but to hopefully gain new ones. When something like this happens well you will probably lose both new and repeat customers. Since I have been on both sides of both a buyer and seller I personally feel that I am handling this as professionally as possible. I have contacted everyone who was  I think was affected. I may have missed some but I am not sure.

The only thing I can do is either move on or throw in the towel.  I am going with the first option. Sure I have suffered losses from this but all I can do is work to make future orders better, stick to my commitments, and just keep at it.

Team Pink Eye Bobby Pin Sets

Speaking of commitments I committed my shop to donating the cost of 10 sets of  bobby pins to the Susan G Kommen Foundation for Team Pink Eye. I am also selling these sets with free shipping.  So if they all sell that will $140.

My grandmother had breast cancer and luckily she is fine but knowing this disease runs in my family is more the reason to want to help.

When things go wrong I have stages. I had a few days of the mope and feel like crap stage and now I am in the work to distract yourself stage. I also call this the shark stage since sharks are always moving. In the past two days I finished all the lockets in the first photo and all the plugs in the one right above this paragraph.  I will slowly be adding them to the shops.

 Glamsaurus has been so slow lately I don’t know what to do.  Once I had Glamsquared opened for a few months it seemed to die. Like the rainforest you change the tiniest thing and the whole rainforest dies! (It’s a reference to The It Crowd). I thought moving everything to one shop would make it easier but I neglected Glamasaurus all summer since I was busy with Glamsquared. I am a bad shop mommy.

At home we got our water heater fixed. It worked normally for about 2 days. Then it died and did something to our electricity. Now if we run the dishwasher we have very romantic mood lighting in the bathroom.  So now we have to get an electrician in to check it out.

So for all the TL:DR crowd – Headless Chicken=Me

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2 Responses

  1. Pili

    Those Bobby pin sets are really pretty, I think I’ll have to get one, if only for the donation bit… and those necklaces are awesome!

    I hope you won’t lose many customers over that horrible experience with the PO… since it really wasn’t your fault!

  2. Andreanna

    Thanks so much Pili!

    Well I am sure it won’t win over everyone but I am doing my best to behave like I think a responsible indie business should.

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